Parenchyma Biotech Development pipeline
PB542 : AHR agonist
PB542 is a promising oral AHR agonistic drug designed to control the tissue immunopathology
PB542 is a potent AHR agonist and displays an excellent therapeutic activity against inflammatory diseases in animal models (IBD, EAE, GVHD, and psoriasis). This drug is superior to other AHR agonists in inhibition of Th17 cells and promotion of expression of immunoregulatory factors (IL-10, CD39, TGF-β1) and FoxP3+ Treg cells.

In the pre-clinical IBD model, PB542 restores intestinal tissue homeostasis through potent immunosuppression and injury repair. In addition, PB542 prevents IBD from progressing into colon cancer.
Mechanism of action of PB542 - Recovery of immune balance
PB423 : AHR antagonist
PB423 is a lead AHR antagonistic compound designed to modulate the tumor microenvironment
PB423, a potent AHR antagonist, displays strong anticancer effect on cancer (4T1 breast cancer and B16F10 melanoma). The anticancer activity of PB423 is associated with numerical changes and cancer-killing capacities in intratumoral CD8+ T cells and decreased numbers of intratumoral Treg cells. PB423 is under a stage of lead optimization.
Mechanism of action of PB423